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Does Practice Make Perfect ?

By 18th December 2017January 23rd, 2020News


As many of you know December 12th 2016 I started a little experiment to see if “practice really does make perfect” ?

So I set myself a challenge of trying to hit 60 balls each day I was at my teaching studio.
In the 12 months I managed to hit a total 8750 shots made up of a variety of scenarios I would likely face each time I played on the course.

10 x 50 yard 58 wedge
10 x 75 yard 52 wedge
10 x 100 yard pw
10 x 145 yard 8 iron
10 x 185 yard 4 iron
10 x Driver

During my sessions there was many occasions when I thought this is boring ! pointless ! should be doing other things ! Often I even felt like I was going backwards !!

Until I discovered :

“Simple daily disciplines—little productive actions, repeated consistently over time add up to the difference between failure and success”

So what was my conclusion and how is my golf game ?

1 – Perseverance is a great substitute for talent !!

2 – The power of compound interest !!

3 – Bashing balls is mearly exercise and the momentum you
generate unfortunately doesn’t follow you home , to bed ,
to work , to your next round !!

4 – No matter what , you’re always practicing a shot you’ll
never get to play !!

5 – Unless you learn a Pre Shot Routine you’ll have no
chance of transferring your efforts to the course.

6 – I have 10 x more confidence in my game than this time
last year !

7 – Some things are easy to do and just as easy not to do

8 – It’s much easier to stay in shape than get in shape

9 – The things that create success in the long run don’t look
like they’re having any impact at all in the short run !!

10 – I’m 8 under par for my last 3 rounds at Thorpe Wood

Also while I’m here I would like to pay a little tribute to the man who introduced me to this amazing game , my late father who sadly passed away on Boxing Day.

All you parents out there with young children let them have a go you never know , they might just surprise you !!