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Driving To London

By 19th May 2014January 23rd, 2020Beginners, Golf tips

I often hear  golfers complaining about feeling tired or losing concentration during the last few holes of a round.This can be very frustrating especially if they started the round well.

Say you had to drive from Peterborough to London  (95 miles)   before you set off you’d  always be aware of  how much/little fuel was  in the tank ,  if it was low then you’d  fill it up  ,  you wouldn’t head off down the A1 and keep driving until you ran out?

That’s what most golfers do to their body.



petrol-pump-image-1-706133484 Drinking Water  World Cup Of Golf: Day 2


Businessman pushing a car     tired golfer




Walking 18 holes is to your body what driving 95 miles is to your car !

If you’re uber organised  (more difficult than hitting a driver off the deck) !  then stock up the day before with bananas , water , tracker bars , snickers etc or if you least try to fuel up before your round (bacon sandwich is good in the morning or chicken wrap in the afternoon).

Try to eat a banana/apple  after six holes whilst topping up with water then after 12 holes go for a tracker bar or snickers washed down by energy drink  to get you home.

Good luck and remember the key is t0 PREVENT THIRST AND  HUNGER  NOT  RESPOND TO IT!!.