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Trackman Times

By 20th May 2014January 23rd, 2020Advanced, Beginners, Golf tips

As you may already know I took the plunge recently and invested in a Trackman Pro  the worlds most advanced ball flight and club head analyser. This is now used by 90% of the worlds top PGA Tour Pros and Coaches as a tool to improve.

What is Trackman? To put it simply it’s a measuring device and is to teaching what an MRI machine is to medicine.

trackman_golf_player_projects_01  Trackman-Grab

You could  line up all the top golfers in the world today and you would not see two swings the same, what you don’t realise is they’re actually hitting very similar shots because when the club makes contact with the ball the numbers are often identical!

Unknown-2           Unknown-4       0710

Just because a swing looks good it doesn’t always means it’s functioning correctly the same as a swing that  might look  a bit odd can function to a world class level.

Just because a person might look healthy on the outside  doesn’t mean his blood pressure is good his heart rate and cholesterol are normal on the inside!

entrenamiento_maraton       images-1           Unknown-1

The doctor has the  tools to measure these and knows what the numbers need to be so you can remain healthy

The equivalent three things that decide how healthy your impact is are your Face Angle your Club Path and your Angle of Attack.

What_is_Face_Angle                   Golf_Club_Path                          Unknown

Trackman will measure these so the coach can then confirm and if need be correct the problem amazingly fast !!

Video is like an X-Ray which is better than nothing, but Trackman is like an MRI Scanner – UNBEATABLE!!